Did I miss something? – Distractions Part 2

Did I miss something? – Distractions Part 2 


When you look at the life of Joseph in the Bible, you read that he has a dream and he’s convinced of what his future is going to look like. For Joseph, it was a dream from God and he knew it and that’s why time and again through the countless distractions, he stood firm and continued to walk in the purpose that God had for his life.

When you have a dream and purpose in life and you’re convinced about it, you’re not easily distracted.


You’re aware that you have a God dream that will come to pass only when you walk in the purpose that God has for your life. You become intentional about minimizing distractions in your life.

Potiphar’s wife was a distraction for Joseph, but he knew that if he gave in to temporary satisfaction from a simple distraction, it would cost him his destiny.

Delilah was a distraction but Samson continued to pursue her. Samson’s parents warn him that she’s a prostitute and won’t do him any good. But Samson was distracted and gave into it. As a result, I believe Samson did not fully accomplish the purpose God had for his life.

When Jesus came home, Martha was distracted. In Luke 10:38-42, you read that Jesus says to Martha, don’t be distracted about things that don’t matter.

We are often distracted by things that don’t matter. We are distracted by things that take us further away from our dream and steal our time. Stop worrying about the little things in life and pay attention to the God dream and purpose in your life.

In 1 Corinthians 10:13, the Bible tells us that God will never let you down and He will never let you be pushed past your limit and He’ll always be there to help you come through every temptation. I’d like to replace that word temptation with distraction and the scripture will still remain true.

Finally, I’ve written down a few ways you can defeat distraction in your life:

⁃ Have a God dream

⁃ Know your purpose

⁃ Be accountable

  • Stay consistent

⁃ Stay in the Word

⁃ Pray consistently

⁃ Connect to a Life Group

⁃ Serve God

I pray that you will fulfil your God given dream and walk in your purpose as you overcome the daily distractions of life.

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