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The Awakening 2022

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The Awakening 2022

August 4-7

The Awakening is not just an event. It's not just a conference. It is a movement. A

movement that is set out to change this world. We are fed up with the status quo and

tired of the normal. We want to see real change. Change that cannot be ignored.

Change that will transform lives and heal nations. We believe that our generation has

the responsibility to bring hope, rescue thefallen, rebuild the broken, serve justice and

to show compassion to a hurting world. Our mission does not end there. We strongly

believe that this generation is called to proclaim the good news, heal the sick and

destroy every work of the enemy!


At. the Awakening, you will hear from world renowned pastors, artists and

leaders who will challenge the way you think and unlock the visions, dreams

and gifts inside you that this world needs. They will also teach you practical ways to

overcome the challenges of life and help you succeed! We are also excited to introduce

other reputed teachers and instructors who will be teaching in the various

workshops and masterclasses  at conference.


We genuinely can't wait to see you this year. We are praying for you diligently and

believing that God will be glorified and the Church strengthened in Jesus' Name!

Your Hosts,

Steve Patta & Deborah Patta

The King's Temple Church, Hyderabad.