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January Morning Prayers

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By: Ps. Samuel Patta

  • Fasting is not a religious exercise.


  • The basic requirement to enter the presence of the Lord is humility.


  • Seek ye first the kingdom of God. Deuteronomy 8:3


  • We need to position ourselves so we are able to receive God's promise. 1John 4:4

  • What ever battle you are facing, with God you will always win.                  1John 5:14

  • Christianity is a relational journey.                                                              1John 8:15

  • We need to come into His presence with confidence.                                John 14:8,26

  • We need to be aware that God's presence is in us.

  • Your confidence must be in his Grace. John 16:13

  • God wants to lead us and show us.