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You Shall Recover All - 05 (English) Mp3

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By: Ps. Samuel Patta

Isaiah 9:7
Hebrews 10:30 (i will repay)
Isaiah 61:2-7 (you will inherit double portion)
God is a restorer
2chronicals 20:10-17
its not our job to take revenge . Thank God in times of Pain.
God is not the author of trouble.
Our help comes from the LORD.
The Battle belongs to the LORD.
Acts 28
The more you develop relationship with God, the more you hear from him.
when god makes a promise ,he will keep his promise.
the word of god is the education to the spirit and soul.
2 chronicals 20:23,24,25.
im not a beggar, iam a son of God .
God will never change ,he is same yesterday and today and forever.
Genesis 20:6,7,14,15,16,17
Restoration always comes with intrest.