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16-02-2020 You Shall Recover All - Discerning The Voice Of God (Biling) Mp3

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By: Ps. Samuel Patta


Discerning the voice of God
* God is not the one who is talking
* You are the one who is not listening
💬1 Samuel 30
*  Not every audible voice is from super natural from god
💬 Luke 24:32
💬 Acts 27:9
* Your shield is not your fear
  Your shield is your protection
* Temptation is also can be an affection
* Not every opend door is not of God's
* Even devil open doors. So stay attached to God
* Persecution is in spiritual realm
It's above everything
* There is no audible voice not a dream and not a imagination it's just persecution
* Don't neglect to pray to the lord when everything in your life looks fine!
* When you develop a strong bond with God, you can hear his voice in middle of many voices
If you can't recognize his voice, you cannot be well settled in God.