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You Shall Recover All - 06 (English) Mp3

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By: Ps. Samuel Patta


💬Isaiah 61:7
💬2 chronicles 20:1
Discerning the voice of God
💬1 Samuel 30:6
Reaction is always from emotion
When GOD is with us , who can be against us?
Just because your friend is successful doesn't mean You're successful!
If wanna recover all
Don't depend on your skill
Don't depend on wisdom
Depend on the LORD
💬1 Samuel 3:1
Why do every Christian should come to church... That is to chew in the lord and Grows in the holy god
Listening the word everyday
Helps you to chew into god
💬Matthew 14-
💬Luke 24:32
💬Acts 27:9
Every voice we hear is not only from God